Tuesday, 11 November 2014

I Love Urban Decay! #Review

My Experience

My love for Urban Decay started when I visited Sephora for a makeup session for a wedding, and they used several of Urban Decay products and I am in love ever since!

A few of my favorite things from UD:

I have very straight eyelashes so after I curl them I need something that really keeps my curls, and I've tried other mascara and I find that only Cannonball keeps my curl for the entire day, and they don't weight my lashes down like the other mascara does.  And best of all they don't smudge!  Nobody wants racoon eyes by the end of the day.

If you love wearing eyeshadow, you would know how important it is to wear a primer.  It helps keep your shadow in place and brings out the colour of the eyeshadow.  I really love using the UD primer!  It's the perfect consistency, not too runny or chunky.  You only need a grain of rice size for each eye and dap it onto your eyes.  It goes on smoothly and you can see the difference it makes.  It smoothes out your eyelid and evens out the skin tone, making eyeshadow application more uniform.  Can't do eye makeup without it!

Ah, who doesn't love a neutral eyeshadown palette.  I love the pignmentation of UD shadows and the versitiliy of the neutral colours are superb.  Whether you want to do a no-makeup makeup look, a daytime everyday work look, or a nighttime smokey eye look, you can do it all with this palette.  This UD Naked palette is a staple!  

The W.o.W. Factor:  High

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