Monday, 12 September 2016

$2 DIY Lego Table!


The lego table boarder:
    Dollarstore materials:
    • Foam board $1
    • White duck tape $1
    1. Measure the length & width of the table (Our table is a square so only 1 measurement is needed)
    2. Cut out 4 strips of the foam board of [length x 1.5 inches].   This is essentially the boarder of the lego table.  I find that 1.5 inches is perfect height for the sides.  You can make it shorter or taller.  I will reference them as "boarder" pieces.
    3. Cut out 4 strips of the foam board of [length x ~3 inches].   This is going to be the outside of the boarder which allows you to slot the boarder onto the table itself.  I will reference them as "slot" pieces
    4. Tape the boarder pieces to the slot pieces to form "side" pieces, you see where this is going right?  I used white glue and then duck tape for strength
    5. Then tape all the side pieces together to form a square.  And now you can slot your square onto the table and volia!  A lego table!
    • Our table has corner protectors so I intentionally left gaps with the slot pieces to make room for them