Thursday, 6 July 2017

Nivea Q10 Plus product line #review

Disclaimer: #Gotitfree from ChickAdvisor in exchange for my honest feedback on the product.

Recently got chosen to test out the new Nivea Q10 Plus product line, courtesy of ChickAdvisor.  The product line includes the Nivea Firming Q10 Plus body lotion, Nivea Q10 Firming Body Oil, and Nivea Anti-Age Q10 Plus hand cream.  I have been using all the products for over a month and I'd like to share my thoughts on them.

Nivea Firming Q10 Plus body lotion ($10.49 CAN):  I find the lotion to be on the runnier side.  It is fairly scented.  Because it is so runny, I find that after application I always get the feeling that I might have applied too much, as it doesn't feel like it's getting absorbed as quickly as I would prefer.  After a month of use, I haven't noticed any dramatic difference in my skin.  As a regular lotion I'd give it a okay as it does moisturize.  But to call it a firming lotion I might have to give it a pass.

Nivea Q10 Firming Body Oil:  After 2 weeks of use (as advertised) I have definitely noticed a big difference in my skin (no lies!).  I used it on my upper thighs hoping to work on the stretch marks and after 2 weeks they are definitely less obvious, and I can really see the difference in skin texture between my upper thigh and my lower thigh (without oil).  Even my uneven skin bums are diminished!   Skin is left feeling very smooth and soft.  One thing to watch for is that since it is an oil so it is greasier than a lotion, and you do have to use a lot as it gets absorbed really quickly.  
I am definitely going to buy this again once I run out cuz it works like a charm!  In fact I have started using it all over my body once I realized how well it has worked on my upper thighs.

Nivea Anti-Age Q10 Plus hand cream ($5.97):  A very lightly scented rich and silky hand cream.  It is the perfect texture for a hand cream, absorbs quickly without feeling greasy.  Not too thick like some other hand cream makes it very easy to apply to the whole hand.
I have been using it a few times a day for a week, and I definitely noticed a big difference in the lines of my hands.  All the dryness is gone, the lines on my hands are reduced.  What I love the most is that even after hand washing my hands still feel moisturized without having to reapply.  
Before use: Skin is dry and fine lines are very visible.
After 1 week: The fine lines and dryness are visibly reduced

The W.o.W. factor:  I really like this new Nivea Q10 Plus line.  True, the firming lotion can be a pass, but the firming oil more than makes up for it.  I will definitely be rebuying once I run out.  The hand lotion is also good to throw in your bag or have it at your desk for everyday use.

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