Friday, 4 April 2014

Want a Good Nursing Bra for Free?

How?  Become a Bravado Test Wearer

What is a test wearer?  Just as it sounds!  You get to test wear their Bravado nursing bras and evaluate your experience.

What's the catch?  There isn't any!  All you need is to be able to get to their Toronto office!

What do I need to do?  Easy!  Fill out the form online, and if your measurements matches their test wearer needs, they will contact you and you are on your way to a free nursing bra (retail ~$50)!

What happens there?  At your appointment, you go into the test wearing room.  They ask you to remove your top so you are wearing only your bra.  They measure you to determine the size of bras that you will be trying on.  After you have put on one of their nursing bra/nursing tank, they check the fit and take pictures of your chest and torso (without your face) for evaluation purposes.  At the end, they give you a free nursing bra or tank to take home!

Any tips?  The whole appointment lasts about 1/2 hour.  Since you are in a room with privacy, you can nurse/change your baby if needed.  I have completed their test wearer program twice:  once in my third trimester and after the baby was born.  I'd recommend you go in after the baby is born as your breasts get huge and your chest band is no longer as big (Did you know your ribs expand during your pregnancy to accommodate the growing baby?) so the nursing bra you take home will fit better and be more comfortable for nursing. 

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