Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Biotherm Blue Therapy Eye #Review

I picked up the Biotherm Blue Therapy Eye Cream ($60 CAN) during the L'oreal Warehouse Sale back in Spring.  I have been using as part of my nightly routine.  Read on...

Packaging:  A very rich and thick eye cream that is supposed to target wrinkles, darkness and lack of firmness around the eyes.  It comes in a blue glass jar with a silver lid.  The jar itself is quite deep holding a surprisingly good amount of product.  The cream itself is very lightly scented.  What caught me off guard is when I first dip my finger in, it was so thick that I actually wasn't able to pick up any product.  It almost formed a bouncy layer on the top.  I had to really dig my finger into it to "break the barrier".  The consistency of the cream is VERY thick, which took me a while to learn how to get the right amount of product out.   I know some people complained about the cream being too thick, but I rather like it.  It is very moisturizing, and when applied, really gave me a sense of richness.  In fact, it is so moisturizing that when I wake up in the morning and wash my face, I can still feel the creamy texture of the product on my eye!

So the big question:  Does it work?   And the answer to that is a big resounding YES!  I've been using it for over a month, applying it religiously every night after cleansing (and after an application of Shiseido ULTIMUNE EYE Power Infusing Eye Concentrate, more on that later).  As per instruction I apply it all around the eye contour area, including upper cheek.  I have a fairly prominent fine line under my eyes, along with some crows feet.  After a month of use, I have definitely notice a reduction on the line under my eyes, and the smaller crows feet lines were also diminished. 

The W.o.W. factor:  I am definitely WOWed by the Blue Therapy Eye cream.  Will be re-buying when it runs out.

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